How to Guarantee a Full Dance Floor

How To Guarantee a Full Dance Floor At Your Wedding

1. You Should Dance!

What do we mean? Well, we mean we want you to dance! Guests at a wedding want to be around the bride and groom as much as possible. We guarantee that if you are on the floor, your guests will be too! When we see the bride and groom disappear from the room, so do the guests. If you want a full dance floor, you’ll want to cut a rug yourself. 

2. Size Matters!

In this case, the smaller the better… If you want your dance floor to look full, you may want to consider a smaller dance floor size. Venues can often make the floor as large as possible to help fill the room. Although this makes sense, what is more important to you? Let the venue know that you would like a smaller floor because a floor full of dancers is most important to you.

3. Keep the Fun Close

The bar, photo booth, sweet table, and more should be placed closer to the dance floor wherever possible. Your guests will be much less likely to wander off and not come back. 

For the photo booth, you should consider our GoSnap Walking Photo Kiosk that essentially lives on the dance floor. It is the photo booth that comes to your guests so they don’t have to leave the party! 

4. Turn the Lights Down LOW

The darker, the better (when dancing starts of course). Guests don’t like other guests to see them dancing, it’s a fact and they certainly don’t want to be the first on the floor to kick off dancing. By turning the lights down, your guests will feel comfortable with their two left feet thus spending more time on the dance floor. 

5. Dance Lighting to Create the Party

Dance lighting can go a long way with multi color sound activation. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, just a little something to create the party vibe. It also helps if you have uplighting around the room that change color to the music. It turns the entire room into a party and that will improve your dance floor along with the guests who want to stay off the floor and socialize with a little hip movement. If you are interested, this is something that we offer. 

6. You Need GREAT Dance Music

It may seem obvious but we have all been to a wedding where the DJ was mediocre at best… When it comes to music selection, you can speak to your DJ about great music to play at your wedding. If you have already booked us, you can also utilize your client login to pick songs that you feel would be a great fit so the DJ can choose to use these songs at his discretion. We even have Spotify integration with your login to make adding playlists a breeze. If you don’t know what to play, you can always ask us, we are happy to help! 

Do You Need A DJ?

Our DJs at Amp go through a 1 year initial training with a required annual retreat so we can always be at the top of our game. With our services, we 100% guarantee your dance floor will be full based on our music selection. We know what works and what doesn’t and if you don’t believe us, watch this video on what past clients have said about our services.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Do a First Look

1. Calm Your Nerves

Seeing your other half before your ceremony can calm those nerves. Not to mention those first look photos that turn out amazing! Those natural smiles will shine through, we promise! 

First Look Wedding Tips

2. Alone Time

On your wedding day, you are going to spend A LOT of time with your wedding party and guests which is why some alone time before the ceremony can be the only time you get the entire day. With the alone time comes more calming of the nerves as you can talk while taking a deep breath together. 

3. Look Your BEST!

The best part about formal photos at the beginning of your day is YOU LOOK THE BEST! Your hair has just been done, makeup on point, and the tux is wrinkle free. Get those photos that you will cherish for years to come.

First Look Wedding Tips
First Look Wedding Tips

4. Get More Photos

More time = more photos. You will be less rushed between the ceremony and cocktail hour if you get a few of your couples shots before the ceremony. It would be a shame to look back and wish you had more time for photos. Remember, your ceremony can run longer which can only add to time constraints.

5. Spend More Time Celebrating

Enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests because you will have gotten more photos before the ceremony. The smiles are only starting at this point of the day, and they are all smiling at you! 

First Look Wedding Tips