Hit Play, TURN IT UP, and Get Ready to be ENTERTAINED!

It’s time to put a smile back on your face! With the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainment has been scarce. That’s when Ken Murphy (the owner of Amp Event Professionals) decided how much it was needed to put a smile on your face when you need it most. Ken has created a live stream on www.twitch.com/djkenmurphy that is a huge step up from anything you have seen before.

How did he do it?

All of the videos in Ken’s sets are totally custom made to give a whole new experience to your event! Here is just a taste of how the entertainment can be leveled up at your next event! Whether it be a wedding, corporate, or private party, we will take your event from memorable, to unforgettable! 

How Do You See More Streams?

EASY! Just join our Facebook group and if you want to request a song for Ken to special edit, just send us an email! 

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