Guide to Postponing Your Wedding Due to COVID-19

Don't Panic, We Got THIS!

First let me start by saying how much this stinks. We were SO looking forward to ROCKING your 2020 wedding. Some things are just out of our control… 😥

So let’s talk about how we can make the best of this unfortunate affair known as COVID-19 and make this transition the least stressful as possible. Below are a few ideas on what you can do to create synergy among your vendors.

1. Create a Google Doc spreadsheet

This is the best way to connect your vendor’s schedules in one place.

  • On the X axis you should put all the dates your venue has availability. 
  • On the Y axis put the vendors you have booked for your current date. 
  • Send a mass email to all vendors with a link to the doc and ask them to put a “Yes” or “No” depending on availability. This is going to make choosing your new date much easier than the back and forth emails.  
Easy planning for your postponed wedding

2. Choose your new date quickly!

Think about it, there are now almost 2 times the amount of couples looking at 2021 dates. You have the couples who already were planning a 2021 wedding and now you have 2020 couples looking at those same dates. 

We know how much this hurts for our clients but we encourage you to consider 2021 Friday dates over 2021 Saturday dates as this is how us wedding vendors make a living. We only get 52 Saturdays in a year to make a premium rate and with the 2020 dates lost, we are losing thousands of dollars every time we book a 2021 Saturday for a 2020 postponement. 

3. Postpone > Cancel

Please, don’t cancel. You have waited your whole life for this day to happen. You have planned for hours on end making sure your centerpieces are perfect for your guests to marvel at. By canceling, this makes matters worse. 

We know this is terrible and emotionally exhausting but you are so close! You can still have your dream wedding and it will be just as you imagined. You may just need to wait it out a bit. The goal is to get married and celebrate with friends and family. Don’t throw that away!

Should I cancel or postpone my wedding?

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