How Important is a Great Wedding DJ?

AMP WW Store Front PicThis is a very important question to ask yourself as well as other couples you may know who have gotten married. The average couple may not realize how important a DJ is for one of the most memorable, important, and biggest days of their lives. Well let me ask you, have you been to a wedding where the dance floor was empty most of the night? Or how about the first dance song that skipped when the DJ played it? Not everyone can be a DJ for multiple reasons like music knowledge or MC skills, but there are still DJs in this industry who call themselves professionals.

So what makes a professional DJ you may ask? Well there is more to it then having a set of speakers, laptop, and lights… How about the knowing how to read a dance floor and keep the guests on the dance floor. There is also the organizational side and being a “Master of Ceremonies” to make sure that you the client doesn’t have to keep track of the time and knowing when to lineup the bridal party for introductions. This is something the DJ should know how to do and when to do it.

We always ask our clients to tell us what is the most important thing about their wedding day and 99% of them say a full dance floor. When we ask what they have seen at other weddings that they didn’t like 90% of the time the mention that the wedding they went to last weekend had no one on the dance floor for the whole night. With AMP DJ Services you will not need to worry about this because we GUARANTEE that your dance floor will be filled by all ages of guests throughout the night from the first dances to the last song! We take your requests, we play your requests, we take your guests requests and we read the crowd to keep the floor filled!

In addition to the music and dance floor side of things, we also provide pristine customer service so you can be at ease with answers to your questions. We also offer a client login for you to pick songs for all the events of the night like first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, introduction music, and so on. We understand that you may now have the knowledge of what songs are appropriate for what event but we have done over 450 weddings in the last 10 years so we can make recommendations to what has been done in the past.

Last but not least, overall appearance both on the DJ and for the equipment. For the DJ to be professional we come dressed to impress even for the setup of the equipment! Yes, we wear black slacks, dress shoes, polo shirt all to show you that we are here to exceed expectations! Well be setting up wearing this attire while the DJ next door will be in ripped jeans and a worn out t-shirt… When it comes time to start the ceremony or cocktail (whichever comes first) we will not only change into our suit, but also match your wedding colors with a tie and shirt! In addition, we also cover our equipment with a tripod covers, DJ booth, and yes, we match your colors with our gear too! We use up lighting under the covers to glow our equipment for added elegance and to hide those ugly cables… This elegance package is included in all of our wedding packages so you wont have to look at ugly cables like most companies out there!.

Now that you know what we do and how we provide 5 star DJ services, you can understand what makes a professional DJ and what makes an amateur DJ…

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Celebrating 10 Years of 5 Star Services

That’s right! It’s been 10 years since we started! It has been a long journey that is not soon to be over. To think that 10 years ago at age 16, owner Ken Murphy started this company and has turned it into what it is today. We are proud to say that we have enjoyed all the events we have provided services for. We strive and pride ourselves on our customer service, flexibility, knowledge, and skill level that we bring to your event to make it the best it can be! Our goal has and will always be to make your event stress-free and fun at an affordable price! Thank you to all our clients, we would not be here without you!


The picture below is a recent thank you card we got from one of our past clients. Thank you to Audra & Ian for taking the time to write the card, we are happy to share it with all of our followers and future clients.


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