DJ Services in Mundelein Illinois

Searching for the best DJ services in Mundelein can be exhausting, but you have come to the right place. Our DJ, photo booth, and lighting services include the highest reviews and ranking in or near Mundelein! Not only do we get back to our clients within a 24-hour time frame, but we also work to make your event as stress-free as possible.

Unlike the generic “big box” DJ companies, you will get to meet YOUR DJ in the initial meeting!

DJ Services in Mundelein

Best Mundelein DJ Services!

AMP has added their own flavor in the wedding DJ world with personalized touches that no other Mundelein DJ or company does because AMP goes above and beyond the average DJ. At your event, you will not only dance but also create memories that will truly last an entire lifetime. If you are looking for a DJ service that not only enjoys making you move to the music but has a passion for what they do AMP is your DJ.

For more details, check out our Wedding Packages page under “Experience Package”.

If you are looking to create an experience of blissful emotion, guaranteed to bring a tear to your guest’s eyes or a smile to their face from one moment to the next, then The Experience Package is for you.

  • A Packed Dance Floor
  • An Experience for You and Guests
  • All White DJ Setup with 55″ TV
  • Utmost Customer Service
  • Lighting to Create Energy
  • Special Dance Photo Montages
  • The Grand Finale
  • Unlimited Hours the Day of Event
  • Professional Grade Speakers
  • Personalized Online Planning

You, working with the owner Ken Murphy will come up with ideas based around you as a unique couple. Ken has mastered the craft and is doing things here that are unmatched in the Mundelein event space.  

Imagine yourself on the dance floor and hearing your significant other’s voice come over the airwaves stating how much you mean to them because of the special day. Pair that with images unfolding behind you with your first picture as a married couple and you have the perfect experience, on the perfect day!