5 Mistakes Brides Make While Planning

5 Mistakes Brides Make While Planning Their Wedding
5 Mistakes Brides Make While Planning Their Wedding

1. Reaching Out to Vendors Too Early

One thing that needs to be in place before you reach out to your favorite vendors is your venue. Why? Well, your venue is going to dictate what your wedding date is. As you may dream of your 10/10 wedding, that date maybe already booked with another couple at your dream venue. The first questions your favorite photographer is going to ask is “what is your venue and date?” If you don’t have an answer, they can’t really do much for you at that moment.

5 Mistakes Brides Make When Planning Their Wedding

2. Booking Key Vendors Before the Planner

Planners can be helpful in so many ways such as…

  1. Saving you money on key vendors such as DJ or photographer.
  2. Referring the best vendors they have worked with so you have less to worry about on your big day. 
  3. Working with vendors they have worked with before is key. Your vendor crew is a dream team and the planner is the coach. Let your coach guide to assemble the team for a stress free W!
Booking Key Vendors For Your Wedding

3. Procrastinating on Booking Key Vendors

Remember, the best vendors get booked first! Don’t wait to book the vendors that mean the most to you. Sit down with a pen and paper with your fiance’, and discuss what is most important to you on your wedding day. This will do a variety of things including get you on the same page in addition to getting you excited! Don’t forget to read reviews! ‘

4. Booking Videographer at the Last Minute

This follows up with #3, decide what is important to both you and your fiance’. Videographers can be pricey, but if you book the right one, the result can be breathtaking. Here is a list of our favorites!

“When I got married in 2014, a videographer wasn’t important to me BUT looking back, my wife and I wish we would have opted for a videographer. We would love to relive that day every year on our anniversary…” Ken Murphy – Owner of Amp Event Professionals

5. Not Securing Hotel Block Early On

This is something that is almost always left on the back burner. Then, when you do realize you need to reserve a block of hotel rooms for your wedding day, it’s too late… Or the block went from what would have been a block, to rooms being scattered all over the hotel. Bottom line is, you will always have out of town guests or guests who just want a night away from the house after your celebration. Make it easy, save them some money, and get the hotel info on the RSVP cards.