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5 Outdoor Wedding Tips

1. Keep the bugs off

What comes with warm weather? Mosquitoes and other annoying bugs of course… How do you keep your new dress or fitted suit from smelling like bug spray? How about Mosquito bands found on Amazon, Walmart, and other department stores. At your event, put them next to the place card table or on the guest tables as a courtesy. Other ways to avoid bugs is to create a barrier of citronella candles around the perimeter of your reception. Your guests will be glad you did!

2. Don't be the noisy neighbor

We all want a wild party but that will never happen if you get shut down by your city/town or village. Prevent this from happening by either inviting your neighbors (or at least letting them know about the event), starting the day early and ending music at 10pm, or more preferred, get a noise permit to go longer through your city hall.

3. Rain, rain, go away…

Are you ready for rain? If not, it is a good idea to come up with a plan. This can include but not limited to a large tent on reserve at your local rental shop (make sure you order sides for the tent for blowing rain), or a indoor location works well too. It also makes for some great wedding party photos if you get umbrellas like the pic!

Wedding Party umbrella pics

4. Brrrrr it’s cold out here!

Cold fronts are something you should also be prepared for when considering any outdoor event. In Chicago, we have had 85 degrees and sunny one day, and 55 degrees and rainy the next. It is important to be prepared and a tent with sides and indoor heaters is a great way to accomplish that. The sides on your tent will really come in handy when it gets cooler out.

5. No power, no party

What do we mean by this? You want to make sure your DJ has sufficient power. It may also help if you are having a backyard wedding to show your DJ where there breaker box is at your home so he can take action if action is needed. We have done events where we shared an outdoor outlet with a popcorn maker and had fuses blow over and over again. This is a rude awakening to a packed dance floor. What we recommend is either using a generator or running power on it’s own circuit inside the house or venue. This will cause less stress and more fun when you are with your guests on the dance floor!