The Experience Package

(With Ken Murphy)

Designed with Elegance

You are having a wedding, one of the most elegant events of your lifetime. With the Experience Package, your first dance pictures will turn out even better than you could imagine. With our furniture designed DJ booth with 55″ LED 4K TV we can take your favorite engagement photo or even a “day of” photo and display it for all your guests to see. We can also change the image into a slideshow or even show a montage. During the first dance our high powered upgraded lighting will transform your dance floor into an elegant space that take that WOW factor to the next level! This package also includes white everything from sleek speakers, trussing, and DJ booth that will really add to your atmosphere.


With the Experience Package you will get a planning experience that is stress free all the way up to your wedding day. We include a client login that will help you plan your day through timelines and music selections. In addition, you will be working hand in hand with the owner/founder of Amp Event Professionals – Ken Murphy. Ken not only offers a customized package for each one of his clients, but also gives an experience like no other DJ in Chicagoland. The personal touches that he includes will set your wedding apart from any other wedding you have ever been to. From wedding party introductions that will have them laughing and cheering for each member who stands up, to a finale song that will bring tears of joy to you and your guests, Ken knows how to take your wedding day from memorable, to unforgettable.

A Ceremony That Will Bring Your Guests to Tears

It all starts months before the wedding, when Ken sits down with you and your fiance to learn where your relationship began. From there, he does a short interview process that will bring your wedding ceremony to life. Imagine your guests hearing the audio of your love story playing back while your wedding party walks down the aisle to start your ceremony. Tears of joy fill the room while your love story unfolds in such a way to create an emotion that will be talked about for years to come. Give this short video a watch and see what Ken did for Chris and Katie on their wedding day (their review video follows). This is only a snippet of what he does to tell this story. We guarantee that booking the Experience Package is going to be the best decision you will make on your wedding day, aside from marrying your best friend.

Wedding DJ Packages

The Silver Package is perfect for a guest list of 175 of less. If you aren’t looking for ceremony sound, up lighting, or remote cocktail hour (in a different room or lobby) then this package is perfect for you! Our DJ Booth will add elegance to the evening while the dance lighting will turn your room into a party once dancing starts. Our client login will allow you to make music requests, plan your first dance songs, bridal party entrance, and much more!

The Experience Package If you are looking to have more than a traditional wedding reception, this package is for you. The owner of Amp, Ken Murphy, will be your DJ. Ken has grown a real passion for his events, making each one totally custom in every way. In the initial meeting, Ken will sit down with you and go over every event that takes place at a traditional wedding and together we think of ways to make each one of those events custom and fit to you. This is your wedding day, one that you want your guests to remember forever, which is why the Experience Package is about an experience. It’s a journey through your love story from the moment you walk in the room, until the very last song. Which is why Ken 100% guarantees that if your wedding isn’t more than you and your guests imagined, he will give you your money back. We make it about you, because after all, that is why you are throwing this amazing celebration!

The Gold Package is perfect for a guest list of 300 or less. If you are looking for ceremony sound, up lighting behind the head table, or remote cocktail hour (in a different room or lobby) then this package is perfect for you! Unlike our Silver Package, you will get to choose one of the 3 package add-ons. The client login is also included in this package and will allow you to make music requests, plan your first dance songs, bridal party entrance, and much more! If you are looking to save on those extra services, this package is for you!

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